New Flying Aircraft Sensor Toy Helicopter for Children

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1. Plastic frame structure, strong anti-dropping force. Simplify the design of the machine head, reduce wind resistance, let you control the aircraft more accurately
2. It is safe for children to use environmentally friendly non-toxic materials. One button is open, easy to operate and easy to play.
3. Intelligent sensor lifting ball can detect objects moving down or close and intelligently removed. It is interesting to use both hands on the child's suspension.
4. Automatic sensor obstacles, keeps flying, avoids falling to the ground. Automatically cut off the protection system to protect children's safety
5. Infrared remote control can control the aircraft, press the switch on the remote control to start the flying ball.
6. Fresh light and flash light can attract children's attention and interest. Let the children play with joy

Material: Plastic
Size: 17.5x11x5cm
Charging time: about 20 minutes
Life time: 6-8 minutes
Remote control distance: 10cm
1x USB cable
1x aircraft
1x remote control